Cube Software Archive

This page is meant to host old cube software whose original downloads no longer exist. For current software, see the wiki listing.
8-step 4x4x4 solver Charles Tsai • [.exe binaries] • post by Bruce Norskog
• cubezzz
Gripper badmephisto • [.exe binaries]
• [Decompiled python source]
• [Original python CGI source]
Recovered by Stachu Korick and Clément Gallet.
ksolve Kåre Krig • [Source (C++)] Email correspondence, Dec. 2010
ACube 4x4x4 Josef Jelinek • ACube [Source (Java)] Received from Chris Hardwick, 2008.
Note: This listing is not meant to infringe on any rights, merely to host pieces of software that were once publically hosted, but have been lost to expired domains, etc (i.e. software that is meant to be available, but currently isn't).