Purpose By Site
⏯ Twizzle ᴬᴸᴾᴴᴬ Lucas Garron, Tom Rokicki, etc. alpha.twizzle.net
⏯ Alg Lucas Garron alg.cubing.net
⏱ Timer Lucas Garron timer.cubing.net
🖼️ Icons Devin Corr-Robinett, et al. icons.cubing.net
🔀 Scramble Lucas Garron scramble.cubing.net
🔢 WCA Inspection web app Lucas Garron inspection.cubing.net
⏪ Negative Time Solving Contest Lucas Garron (formerly Shotaro Makisumi) negative-time.cubing.net
🧪 Experiments (cubing.js) Lucas Garron, Tom Rokicki, etc. experiments.cubing.net/cubing.js
↔️ Bluetooth Lucas Garron bluetooth.cubing.net
👓 Virtual Reality Lucas Garron vr.cubing.net
⚔️ FMC Duel Lucas Garron fmc-duel.cubing.net
🎮 Experimental Javascript Cube Sim Lucas Garron twisty.js
👆 Mobile/Touch Cube Interaction Concept Lucas Garron Touch Cube
PLL Trainer Lucas Garron 1LPLL
ACube port to Javascript (Josef Jelinek, et al.) ACube.js
ksolve+ port to Javascript (Kare Krig, Michael Gottlieb, et al.) ksolve.js
ksolve state sim + SVG visualization in JS Lucas Garron ksolve-js-svg
Javascript WCA-Style Scrambler Lucas Garron, et al. Mark 2
The WCA's Finest News Source Shelley Chang carrot.cubing.net
Cube Software Archive Lucas Garron cubing.net/software
CALCubeTimer Jeremy Fleischman, Ryan Zheng CCT Homepage
Live Competition Results for the World Jim Mertens live.cubing.net
Online Timer by Michael Gottlieb Michael Gottlieb qqtimer.net
Cubing on GitHub - github.com/cubing
JS Cubing - js.cubing.net
Cubing Archive - archive.cubing.net
Cubing Notation - notation.cubing.net
AnimCubeJS Josef Jelínek, Tadeáš Miler, Michael Feather animcubejs.cubing.net
Remembering David Singmaster - singmaster.cubing.net
Results from unofficial events at WCA competitions. - unofficial.cubing.net
Purpose By Site
Fantasy Cubing Caleb Hoover fantasy.cubing.net
CubeCast Podcast Waffo, Ranzha, and Meechay cubecast.cubing.net
BLD practice tool adimare ScramBLD.cubing.net
Cubing Site Aron Puddy-Mathew aronpm.cubing.net
Cubing Site Stefan Huber hubi.cubing.net
Cubing Site Mike Hughey hughey.cubing.net
Cubing Site Kris de Asis meep.cubing.net
Cubing Site Brandon "Ranzha" Harnish ranzha.cubing.net
Cubing Site Stachu Korick stachu.cubing.net
Cubing Site Ben Streeter speedy.cubing.net

If you have something to share and would like a cubing.net subdomain for it, feel free to email Lucas Garron.